Exploring Quito: Top Landmarks to See on Foot

Discover the vibrant charm and rich history of Quito, Ecuador, on a captivating free walking tour of its iconic landmarks and hidden gems. As you stroll through the city’s historical center, immerse yourself in its cultural tapestry and architectural splendor. Here are some must-visit sights to include on your walking itinerary:

Plaza de la Independencia (Independence Square)

Begin your journey at Plaza de la Independencia, the beating heart of Quito’s historic district. Admire the grandeur of the Presidential Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace, and the Metropolitan Cathedral as you soak in the ambiance of this bustling square. Discover the significance of these landmarks in Ecuador’s struggle for independence and marvel at their colonial architecture.

La Ronda

Wander down the cobblestone streets of La Ronda, a charming neighborhood known for its bohemian atmosphere and artisan shops. Explore quaint cafes, art galleries, and traditional workshops, where you can witness local artisans at work. Experience the cultural richness of La Ronda as you sample authentic Ecuadorian cuisine and indulge in live music performances.

San Francisco Church and Convent

Step back in time at the San Francisco Church and Convent, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its stunning architecture and religious artifacts. Marvel at the intricate baroque façade and ornate interior adorned with colonial-era artworks and gilded altars. Don’t miss the chance to explore the convent’s historic library and catacombs, which offer a fascinating glimpse into Quito’s past.

El Panecillo

Climb to the summit of El Panecillo, a prominent hill overlooking Quito, for panoramic views of the cityscape below. Marvel at the towering statue of the Virgin of Quito, a symbol of protection and faith for the city’s inhabitants. Take in breathtaking vistas of Quito’s historic center, framed by the majestic peaks of the Andes Mountains.


For a bird’s-eye view of Quito’s sprawling metropolis, hop on the Teleferico, the city’s iconic cable car system. Ascend to the heights of Cruz Loma and marvel at the panoramic vistas of Quito and its surrounding valleys. Capture stunning photographs of the cityscape against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, creating memories to last a lifetime.


Embark on a free walking tour of Quito and uncover the city’s top landmarks, from its historic plazas to its cultural hotspots. Immerse yourself in Quito’s rich tapestry of history, architecture, and culture as you explore its vibrant streets on foot. Whether admiring colonial-era churches, sampling local delicacies, or soaking in panoramic views, Quito promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.